A downloadable game for Windows

LOW LIGHT is a low-poly first person shooter that is fun and easy to play.

You can play the free halloween minigame for LOW LIGHT here 

LOW LIGHT is constantly being updated and improved. If you wish to be notified when LOW LIGHT is updated and view the development process you can follow me on Instagram @n8.games.

Install instructions

LOW LIGHT Installer download instructions (recommended):

  1.  Download the LOWLIGHT installer
  2.  Windows will usually show a warning because it doesn't recognize the program but you can easily get around this by clicking "more info" then clicking "run anyway"
  3.  Allow LOWLIGHT to access your hard drive so it can be installed
  4.  Install and run LOWLIGHT
  5.  Enjoy :)
  6.  If you are having trouble you can also try downloading the LOWLIGHT.zip file which isn't as user friendly but almost always works
  7.  When you're done playing it should make an icon on your desktop so you can easily play again later

    LOW LIGHT zip file download and install instructions:

    1. Download the LOWLIGHT.zip file
    2.  Open the LOWLIGHT.zip file
    3.  Right click anywhere inside the LOWLIGHT.zip file and click "Extract all"
    4.  Open LOWLIGHT.exe 
    5.  Enjoy :)


    LOW LIGHT Installer (Recommended) 12 MB
    LOWLIGHT.zip 17 MB

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